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The Country Butcher’s new location

Fri, 09/28/2018 - 16:41 -- Karen Minty
Sue & Doug Waller

The Country Butcher has moved to their new location at 580 Murphy Road. The store offers a selection of quality meats, fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving, and other gourmet products such as pickles, preserves and spices. They can also be found at the Sarnia Farmers Market every Wednesday and Saturday morning.
Owners, Sue & Doug Waller felt that they had outgrown their long-time location at Northgate Plaza. Their new location is much bigger and brighter and is attracting a lot of new customers because of their visibility from the road. Their proximity to the Superstore allows customers to “almost one-stop shop” without having to drive across town to purchase their meat.

 With a butcher on-site and their own slaughter house at Reece’s Corners and smoke house in Alvinston, The Country Butcher is truly a local business. “We buy locally sourced meat whenever possible and all of our gourmet products come from small businesses in surrounding communities. As a small business ourselves, we like to support other small businesses.”

They have noticed a definite move towards healthy eating. More customers prefer grass-fed beef over corn-fed. “Bone broth is now very popular as well,” says Sue. “We sell a ready-made organic line of broths as well as the raw bones for people to make their own. We even have chicken feet available - they make a great chicken broth.”

People automatically assume that since they are a specialty store that their prices are much higher, but on average, 80% of their prices are less than the grocery stores regular prices. Sue explains their prices appear higher because they sell their meat by the pound (lb) while the grocery stores sell theirs by the kilogram (kg). The conversion sometimes confuses people.

The store also stocks gourmet products that you won’t find in a grocery store. They have pies, preserves and pickles from small Mennonite businesses near St. Jacob’s, as well as seasoning, sauces and condiments from The Garlic Box in Hensall, Ontario.

“I’m always looking for something new and different for the store,” explains Sue. “Sometimes it’s hard to predict what people will like. Our butcher, Mike is a great cook and he’s our guinea pig to try new products. He makes samples for the store, so people can taste before buying.”

Doug started working at Lambton Meat Products as a teenager and returned to it as a career in 2006. Six years later he bought the company. Doug operates the off-site locations and Sue took over running the store in 2015. “I really owe some credit to my staff. When you have great staff, hold onto them! They are what makes your business successful.”

The Country Butcher is located at 580 Murphy Road and is open Monday – Saturday 9:30 – 5:30 and Sundays 12 – 4pm. They can also be found at the Sarnia Farmers Market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Check out their website at

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