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Tue, 04/03/2018 - 17:00 -- Karen Minty

For the past two years, everywhere that Bricks4Kidz franchise owner, Steve Devlin went, adults kept asking when it would be their turn to play with LEGOS. That time has come! Devlin launched Bricks4Biz in February 2018, offering corporate team building events.  

Devlin brought the Bricks4Kidz franchise to Sarnia in March of 2016. They offer in-school and after-school programs, as well as day camps and birthday parties. The program offers school-aged children a chance to explore and build projects with LEGO.

The franchise quickly took notice of the universal popularity of LEGO and wanted to offer adults the same creative and imaginative approach to workplace learning. Bricks4Biz is an extension of the Bricks4Kidz franchise that offers unique corporate team building events. It’s fun, it’s challenging, but most of all, it’s building with LEGO.  Who doesn’t love LEGO?

While at a Bricks4Kidz international conference, Devlin attended a seminar about the Bricks4Biz corporate training opportunity. “I knew immediately that it would be successful and decided right there that I had to pursue it.”  

When he told his long-time friend, Jamie Gallacher about the opportunity, he jumped on the idea. “I’ve seen the phenomenal success and growth of Bricks4Kidz and knew I wanted to be a part of the next step,” says Gallacher. “Before getting involved, I did some research. It is the fastest growing franchise in North America.” The pair are now set up to offer Bricks4Biz across Ontario.

“There’s a nostalgia about building with LEGO. It’s so versatile, and when used in an adult context, it can present some real learning lessons,” Gallacher explains. The corporate training sessions are about 3 hours in length and led by professional facilitator Karen Minty. The sessions are packed with team building activities that help promote better communication, increased morale, and trust within teams.  

“We Build. We Bond. We Grow.” is the philosophy behind the Bricks4Biz concept. The sessions are tailored to your team’s specific needs using LEGO building games and challenges. The fun and relaxed atmosphere encourages your team to work together resulting in a deeper understanding and insight into workplace dynamics. It gives organizations an opportunity to work together in new ways while engaging in creative problem-solving and leadership development.  

Bricks4Biz corporate team building sessions are offered both during the day or evening, either at your workplace or an off-site licenced location if you are looking for a more social event. Bricks4Biz can also help you with an original fundraising event.

For more information or to book your corporate team building event, contact Steve Devlin at 519-466-4217 or Jamie Gallacher at 519-381-9720 or email Visit their website.

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