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Bradley challenges bureaucrats on use of security cameras

Fri, 06/01/2018 - 08:48 -- Chris Cooke

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley says he will fight attempts by the administration to install security cameras in the Mayor’s office.

“I get it. I understand that society has changed and there is a greater need for security but people, especially developers and business leaders who come to see me want to do so in private”.

Bradley says he has concerns about City staff monitoring people coming and going in and out of the Mayor’s office.

“People wanting to do business often explore the community before making their projects know to the public. They come to the Mayor’s office for comment and advice and don’t need or want City staff following them on security cameras”.

With respect to his office Bradley wants visible signs posted on the second floor of City Hall indicating the locations of video cameras. He doesn’t want cameras in the waiting area outside his office. He also doesn’t want cameras pointed in the direction of his hallway.

Bradley is demanding cameras not be installed in or near the office of his executive assistant or in the area of his office.

He says the administration has been challenging people coming to see him and he doesn’t want that. “This isn’t how a City Hall should work. People are being denied access and their right to speak. I don’t know of any other City Hall that operates this way”.

As an aside he noted the Chief Administrative Officer, Margaret Misek – Evans who filed harassment charges hasn’t spoken to him in two years.

If re-elected Bradley says his first recommendation to the new Council will be to hit the reset button by ripping down the wall and creating greater public assess.

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