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ABRAM (Since 1924) - Rooted in the past with a vision for the future

Mon, 03/05/2018 - 09:51 -- Chris Cooke
staff of Abram

When Arthur Abram began his sheet metal shop in 1924, he didn’t know that he had begun a family legacy that would serve the Sarnia-Lambton community for generations to come.

In 1970, Russell Abram took over his father’s shop and soon, three of Arthur’s grandchildren – Dan, Paul and Angela – each began to take a role in the shop beginning their younger years. Today, Dan Abram, company president; Paul Campbell, Vice President; and Angela Abram, office manager, continue on the path of stalwart customer service that was started by their grandfather, while keeping pace with the constantly changing demands of technology and legislated regulation.

While once serving Sarnia only, Abram Sheet Metal and Refrigeration Inc. now provides HVAC and Refrigeration Services well beyond the city limits in both the residential and commercial sectors.

“The three of us worked here as kids,” says Paul Campbell, who first came to Abram under the supervision of Angela’s father, Russell, who learned to create solid relationships with clients from his father, emphasizing a solid work ethic, good product, and treating people with respect. “The way you were taught is the way you operate. That’s a history this is good and that is solid.”

What started with just Arthur in a small shop at his home has grown to a large staff tradesmen, technicians and support personnel who address commercial and residential needs, always mindful of changing regulated processes and procedures.

“Manufacturing has to maintain efficiency standards, and so we are constantly learning and involved with that,” says Paul. “We continue watch for and adapt to changes that affect our industry and our company.”

Staying on top of ever-changing legislation means regular training upgrades for staff, says Paul. While these quick changes can create a challenge for businesses, the requirements ensure that technicians remain certified in new processes and procedures when working on commercial and residential equipment. Providing this training ensures our staff is positioned to provide best value for our customers.

While winter 2017/18 temperatures dipped into Polar Vortex territory, Paul says Abram technicians were kept busy with service and support calls.

“We are a business of extremes. When it’s really cold or it’s really hot the need for our services is the greatest. Our job is to ensure your equipment is ready for these times. That’s where regular equipment maintenance demonstrates its greatest advantage. If you equipment does fail, we’re there to get it up and running.

Paul says commercial property owners and homeowners don’t always understand that regular maintenance of heating and cooling systems must be done in order to prevent costly repairs or equipment failures.

“The importance of preventative maintenance is something that people need to understand, and they don’t. It can be pretty critical.”

Paul says the Abram company of today works diligently to grow their corporate relationship based on the same principles that Arthur and Russ worked with in the early decades, focusing on people, product and processes.

“We focus on good customer service, cutting edge technology and caring for the people we work for – our customers and our employees.”

The three cousins – each descended from one of Arthur’s three children – continue to work with an eye on the same work/life balance they were taught was so important. As they look to the future, they hope the Abram name will continue to serve Lambton County in the decades to come.

“We talk a lot about succession planning,” says Paul. “We feel a responsibility to our employees and their families. Our goal is to see ABRAM serving our community well beyond the next generation and for many year to come.”

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