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“She is not just unpopular, she is disliked”, says Bailey

Fri, 06/29/2018 - 16:13 -- Chris Cooke
cover of First Monday featuring Bob Bailey and Chris Cooke

“She is disliked and obviously the people of Ontario were disgusted with Liberal Party policies” says Bob Bailey who is recommending against giving Kathleen Wynne and the remaining Liberals party status in the upcoming Provincial government.

The Sarnia MPP who trounced NDP candidate Kathy Alexander in last month’s election says he is “getting the message loud and clear” from constituents throughout the riding. “Voters made their decision June 7 and they want us to stick with that decision” says Bailey.

Wynne, whose Government won seven seats out of 124 and is one seat short of party status.

What that means for the beleaguered Liberals is they will no longer be recognized as an official party.

According to legislative rules the seven Liberals will be classified as independents. They will not have access to Provincial funds for research, staff salaries and other purposes the party caucus determines. They will also be excluded from debates.

“It sounds harsh” says Bailey “but after 15 years of mismanagement I think voters have heard enough of Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals”.

In addition to losing party status Wynne barely clung to victory in her home riding of Don Valley West. “She is not just unpopular, she is disliked” says Bailey who is pleased with his Conservative Party majority.

“We can now get on with turning this Province around and showing we are open for business” says Bailey who suggests the first order of business will be sifting through the financial mess left by the Liberals.

“We think there is a $12 billion deficit in the current budget and we know there is a $340 billion long term debt. That’s pretty massive and we aren’t going to fix that in the first year” says Bailey.

Aside from auditing the books the first order of business for the new Doug Ford Government is getting rid of Ontario’s cap – and – trade carbon tax. With it will be a 10 cent per litre reduction of fuel prices at the pump.

Bailey says Ontario will send a clear message to Ottawa that it will withdraw from Cap – and – Trade credit auctions and will challenge Federal authority to “arbitrarily” impose a carbon tax on Ontario families.

“As a former NOVA Chemicals employee, I’m aware of the impact of carbon taxes on this energy - rich area” says Bailey. “Promise made, promise kept and if we have to go to court so be it”.

As for Ford and Kathleen Wynne’s attempt to portray the new Premier as “another Donald Trump” Bailey believes just the opposite will happen. “He is a down to earth guy with a Conservative agenda. I think people will be surprised at how effective he will be”.

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